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How To Get Plants Off Your Roof

Plants can take up residence on your roof, growing and creating stains on your roofing tiles. It is important that you clean your roof off at least once a year and remove any stains that have developed on your roof.

Why Stains Appear

Stains appear on roofs for a variety of reasons, although the most common reason that stains appear on your roof is because small plants such as moss, lichen and algae have decided that your roof is a great place to take root and start growing. Roofs provide these types of plants with lots of great organic material that they need to thrive. Sadly, the presence of these plants on your roof can cause damage to your roof, and the only way to save your roof is to remove these plants as well as the stain that they leave behind when removed from your roof.

Bleaching Your Roof

One way to remove these plants and the stain that they leave behind from your roof is by using a bleach solution. You can make this solution by mixing equal parts of bleach with water. This will create an extremely strong bleach solution. When dealing with this bleach solution, you'll want to make sure that you are wearing protective eyewear, a breathing mask, and gloves. You'll also want to make sure that you are wearing clothing that you don't mind getting bleach stains on as well.

Once you have created this solution, use a spray attachment on your hose to spray this solution onto your roof. Spray your roof so it is saturated with the bleach solution. Then, allow the bleach solution that you sprayed on your roof to soak in. This will allow it to kill the plants on your roof from the roots up. Allow the bleach to slowly kill the plants on your roof for a few days.

After a few days has passed, get back up on your roof and sweep away the dead plants and then spray your roof clean with a garden hose.

Use Eco-Friendly Products On Your Roof

Another way to remove these plants and their stain from your roof is by purchasing eco-friendly roof cleaning products to remove the plants. These products can generally either be manually sprayed on the plant life on your roof or sprayed using hose attachment onto the plants on your roof.

Unlike bleach, most eco-friendly roof cleaners are designed to kill the plants on your roof on impact. However, these cleaners are not always as strong as you might think they are, and it can take a couple of applications to actually kill all of the plants on your roof. These cleaners are also designed to only target and kill moss, algae and lichen, the three most common plants found on roofs. If any of this cleaner gets on other nearby plants or drips onto plants near the eves of your home, it will not harm them.

If you have plants growing on your roof, use one of the two methods above to kill off the plants so that they don't damage your roof any further.