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Sunny Area: These Roofing Materials Help Keep It Cool

Living in an area where the sun is always shining can be fun. It also brings with it a number of challenges, one of which is keeping your home cool and your air conditioning bills affordable. When thinking of energy efficiency in a sunny area, you need to look up -- to your roof. Here are three roofing materials that will keep your home cool in spite of scorching sunshine.

Reflective Shingles

Classic asphalt shingles, in colors like black and brown, absorb a lot of sunshine. This is due both to their dark colors and their matte finish. Reflective shingles appear very similar to classic asphalt shingles from a distance, but they are shinier -- so they reflect more sunlight instead of absorbing it. This keeps your home a lot cooler since less heat comes in through the roof. Even reflective shingles in colors like black and brown are quite effective, but you'll save even more energy with light colors like tan and cedar.

Aluminum Roofing

Metal is naturally reflective, so aluminum roofs reflect a lot of sunlight and keep your home cool. Though metal roofs have a bit of a bad reputation for being prone to rust, modern aluminum roofing actually resists corrosion, even when exposed to salty air near the ocean. It comes coated in a special, weather-resistant coating to further reduce wear. And not all metal roofs have a classic metallic sheen, either. You can find them painted in colors like white, cream, and gray, all of which reflect plenty of sunlight and keep your home cool.

Cedar Shakes

If you're going for a more rustic, country look, then cedar shakes are a great choice for keeping your home cool. Made from natural wood, they're a great insulator, which means that even when the sun is beating down on them, they form a heat-resistant barrier between the outdoors and your home. Cedar is also resistant to insects like termites, which often pester other types of wood. And it's a natural material, so it will break down in a landfill when you're done with it.

The roof on your home should be an asset, not a burden, when it comes to energy efficiency and keeping your home cool. To learn more about these and other roofing options, talk to a roofing contractor like AJ Shirk Roofing Company LLC in your area. They can give you estimates for each material, which may help you decide which option is the best choice financially.