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Tips For Repairing Damaged Asphalt Shingles

If you have an asphalt shingle roof that is starting to degrade, then you can and should make roofing repairs before your roof needs to be completely replaced. Some types of damage can be repaired fairly easily. This is the case if you notice a shingle that has been torn or if you see one that has started to curl. If you want to repair one of these types of broken shingles, then keep reading to learn about some tips that will help you. 

Use Roofing Cement

Before you make your repair, you will need to purchase some roofing cement. The cement can be found at your local home store and is called plastic cement, asphalt roof cement, mastic, or flashing cement. The material is made from asphalt and is thick, pliable, and flexible. The material does sometimes come in large buckets, but it also comes in tubes, like caulk. You should purchase the caulk tube and also a caulk gun.

Make sure to work on a dry and sunny day. If your roof is wet when you start the project, then the cement may not stick to your roof properly. You also want the day to be warm, or the cement may take a long time to cure. In general, it can take up to one full day for the cement to dry fully. 

When you use the cement to repair a curled shingle, place several pea-sized beads of the cement underneath the curl. Make sure the beads are spaced out so there is about one-quarter to one-half inch of space in between the beads. Press the curled shingle down over the cement when you are finished.

If you are fixing a crack, then you want to place a continuous bead of the cement underneath the crack and over the top of it. In this way, you are using the material as a glue to repair the crack. This will help to fill in the damaged area and protect the felt or mat inside the shingle roofing from damage. 

Weigh Down The Repair

Since roofing cement takes some time to cure, you will need to weigh down the damaged shingle once the cement is placed. This helps to stick the damaged shingle to the roof deck. If you do not do this, then the damaged part of the roof will likely pull up during a rain storm. 

There are several ways you can weigh down the repaired shingle. However, placing a single brick on each shingle is the simplest way. Leave the bricks in place for about 24 hours, and then remove them once the cement has cured. Make sure to inspect the damaged areas often though. If the shingles start to pull up from the roof deck, then you should replace the shingles. 

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