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Roofing Maintenance To Get Ready For Summer Weather And Avoid Storm Damage

As summer approaches, storms are also going to become more frequent in many areas. The afternoon thunderstorms also cause a lot of damage to roofs every year. While the weather is nice and before the storms begin to roll in, there are maintenance chores for your hone that will help prevent damage to your roof. Here are some roofing maintenance tips to help you prepare for the storms to come:

1. Prevent Moss and Lichen by Adding Zinc Strips

The roof of your home will become worn as moss and lichen begins to form on the shingles. In areas with high rainfall or if your home has a lot of shade, the problems with fungus growth on your roof can be worse. The moss and lichen will make your home more vulnerable to damage from storms. To ensure your roof is not weakened by fungus, install zinc strips beneath the shingles at the ridges of your roof, which will help to stop fungus from growing on the shingles.

2. Cleaning Your Roof and Keeping It Free of Debris

Another problem that causes wear of the shingles and makes your roof vulnerable to damage from storms, is the collection of dirt and debris. Make sure that you regularly clean your roof and remove any debris from trees around your home. If there are any areas where watershed is greater and debris builds up more, consider talking to your roofing contractor about adding small diversions to shed water and debris away from the problem areas.

3. Finding the Small Damage and Do Repairs Before They Leak

Small damage to your roof is something that is important to fix. If there are any problems like loose shingles, your home will be more vulnerable to storm damage. In addition, make sure to check for small leaks and repair them to prevent these problems from weakening your roof. If there are any shingles that have small tears, it will be best to replace them. If you do not replace the torn shingles, use roofing cement to seal the damaged area good and repair the torn area. You may also want to add a couple of nails and cover them with roofing cement to ensure this area of your roof is not weakened by the damage.

These are some tips to help you prepare your roof for summer weather before the first afternoon thunder storms arrive. If you need help with repairs and improvements to your home, contact a roofing contractor  to help you prepare for the storms to come.