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How To Paint A Galvanized Metal Roof

Galvanized metal roofs are an alternative type of roofing that provide increased durability and easy installation when compared to traditional asphalt shingled roofs. They can also be painted a wide variety of colors and shades in order to create a truly unique aesthetic for your roof. However, you need to make sure that you properly prepare your roof and apply the paint the right way to ensure that the paint job adheres correctly and will last for as long as possible.

Before You Begin

Before you get started, you should gather up all the tools and materials that you'll be using to speed the process up as much as possible. You'll need a bucket, white vinegar, a pressure washer, outdoor metal paint and primer (usually acrylic latex paint, but check the labels), an airless paint sprayer, a mask, gloves, and a ladder. All of these things can be found at most hardware stores if you don't already have them at home.

You'll also want to make sure that you wear a good pair of shoes with soles that can grip easily, as well as light clothes that are easy to move in and can get paint on them.

Painting a Galvanized Metal Roof

First things first, you should wash the entirety of the surface of your galvanized metal roof with a mixture of half white vinegar and half warm water. This will help remove any oils, dirt, and other contaminants that are stuck on the surface of your roof.

Then, use the pressure washer to finish cleaning off the surface of your roof. Once the entirety of your roof has been cleaned off, you'll want to give it a couple hours in the sun to completely air dry.

Once your roof is dry to the touch, you can use the airless paint sprayer to begin to apply the primer to the metal. You'll want to use an airless paint sprayer over a regular sprayer to prevent paint from flying all over the place in the wind, and over rollers and brushes because the corrugated surface of the roof is difficult to paint by hand.

Once you have a single coat of primer on the surface of your roof, you should let it sit for at least an hour (but check the directions on the can) before you begin to apply your metal roofing paint using the airless paint sprayer once again. Apply two coats of paint, letting the first one dry before applying the second, and make sure that you paint from the middle of the roof outwards so you can climb back down the ladder afterwards. For more information, contact a business such as Molloy Roofing Co