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Understanding Shingle Roof Blow Off

If you have an asphalt roof, then you may know that your shingles can become damaged in a variety of ways. While some shingles can tear or form holes, others can actually pull off from the roof. If you have ever heard the term "blow off", then this refers to the tearing of shingles and the release from the roof due to wind. Keep reading to learn why this happens and what you can do about it.

What Is Shingle Blow Off

Shingle blow off occurs when the wind blows catches the shingles from underneath, and breaks them free from the roof deck. Also, strong winds, like swirling ones that are commonly seen during strong storms, may create a suction that lifts shingles up from the roof. A single gust of wind, even if it is strong and fast, should not create a blow off issue. However, when your roof is continually subjected to hurricane strength winds, the shingles can fold or tear and then blow off in the next strong wind. 

Wind is one of the main factors when it comes to roof blow off. However, older shingles are more likely to be caught by the wind and pulled up. This is the case when the adhesive tar starts to loosen underneath the shingles. The roofing material is much more likely to be pulled up when the tar no longer keeps the shingles strongly attached to the roof deck. 

The tar strips that typically keep the shingles in place may also not have the opportunity to cure if your roof was replaced late in the fall. You may need to wait for the tar to heat up in the summer sun to prevent future blow off issues.

What Can Be Done About Blow Off?

If you notice your asphalt shingles pulling up and away from your roof, then you may need a new roof soon. This is the best option if the shingles are old and if you see that most, or many, of the shingles are folded, torn, or missing.

If your roof is a newer one or if you only see a few shingles missing, then you can replace the shingles that have blown away. If three tab shingles are attached to your roof, then you only need to replace the tab that has been damaged. Of course, if all three tabs have blown up, then replace the entire shingle. 

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