Getting Your Home Repaired

Four Tips For Working On A Very Steep Roof

If your roof is very steep, climbing up on it to make basic repairs is significantly more challenging than for homeowners with low-pitched roofs. In most cases, you're best off hiring a professional to make repairs since they have specialized equipment and training to prevent injuries even on the steepest of roofs. However, if you are set on doing a roof repair yourself, there are some tips you should follow when working on a very steep roof.

Wait for good weather.

You may see roofers up on roofs when it's a bit moist outside, but when you're inexperienced with roofing and you have a very steep roof, you don't want to be up there when it's even the least bit moist. Wait until you've had at least two or three days without rain so you can ensure the roof is completely dry before you climb up. This may mean catching water from a leak for a bit longer, but a little extra water damage is better than a fall from a slippery, wet roof.

Use roof jacks and scaffolding.

Roof jacks are braces that you nail into the roof and then pair with scaffolding for stability when working on a steep roof. You can purchase them at most home improvement stores, and they generally come with installation instructions. Basically, you will nail two roofing jacks through the roof and into the rafters, spacing them 10 - 12 feet apart, and then lay a board across the jacks. You can then use the board like a "step" when you walk onto the roof to make your repairs.

Wear rubber shoes.

If you have hiking shoes or trail running shoes with high-traction soles, such as Vibram soles, these are the best choice. Otherwise, any sneaker with a rubber sole will do the trick. These tend to grip the shingle surface a lot better than boots, which may also make you less agile since they come up over your ankle.

Wear a helmet.

Falling from your roof would be unfortunate and can generally be avoided if you follow the advice above. However, accidents do happen. If you do fall, having a helmet on may mean the difference between suffering a mild concussion and a debilitating or life-ending injury. Construction helmets are sold at most home improvement stores; some may even rent them out by the day.

If you have any doubts as to your ability to repair your steep roof yourself, call up a roofing company, like Drey Roofing, instead. It's better to pay a bit more for professional repairs than to risk your life.