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Key Facts You Need To Know Before Installing A New Skylight In Your Home

A skylight in the kitchen or bathroom can provide both aesthetic and practical appeal to the home. For instance, it permits the obvious benefit of extra sunlight, but also offers the potential of opening to allow fresh air in. Unpleasant smells and unpleasant scents can be encouraged to dissipate faster through the same opening mechanism. However, if you're considering installing a skylight on your next day at home, it's important to remember that even the smallest error can result in damage to the roof, your home, and the skylight itself. As a result, it's best to consider the following information when deciding whether or not your home and family deserve a new skylight.

Leaks Are Very Possible If The Skylight Is Not Mounted Properly

One of the more common mistakes that homeowners make when attempting to install a new skylight has often been the use of an inadequate support system. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that the position of the skylight will not cause any unnecessary damage to the roof. The support to the unit can be provided by using the flashings for the roof that usually accompany the skylight itself at the time of purchase.  

In addition, your new skylight must be supported over the roof and not within or on it as many people believe. By verifying that the skylight goes over the roof, you are improving the unit's water-resistant seal. Otherwise, leaks and mold are a known risk.  

Check For Interruptions To The Roof Prior To Installation

Sadly, many people over the years have been disappointed to determine that the attic, vents, or other items commonly found on roofs will prevent the installation of a new skylight. Before you remodel your bathroom with the intention of placing a skylight immediately over the tub or knock out a wall in your kitchen in order to place a big skylight, you need to be sure that there is a space for the skylight to actually be safely placed.

Nearby chimney and tall trees might be problematic for your skylight as well since they can limit the amount of sunlight you can actually access. The installation of a new skylight can be quite complex and due to the need to protect your roof, it's best to speak with a roofing contractor for best results. A window expert often lacks the necessary knowledge of flashing, sheathing, and other roofing components that is required in order to protect the structural integrity of the roof.  You might also find that permitting someone who is not a roofer to do any work on your roof might nullify any warranty the roof has. 

Talk with a roofing company like Arcadia Roofing to determine whether a skylight is even feasible with your current roof.