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The Benefits Of Coating Your Roof In Tar

Back in the old, old days, people would build their homes and cover them in tar or pine pitch. It was used to waterproof the roofs and keep them from leaking. However, the use of tar or pine pitch had other benefits attached to it. If you are thinking about hiring a commercial roofing contractor to apply tar to your roof, here are the other benefits to consider.

Keeps Termites and Carpenter Ants OUT

Wood beams in really old houses were covered with tar anytime that termites were discovered. The reason for this is that it sealed any termites inside the wood and killed them, and it kept other termites out. If termites attempted to return to their colony in the wood beam, they wood either get stuck in the tar or die from ingesting it while trying to cut their way through.

Likewise, carpenter ants would be hard-pressed to survive a covering of tar. Ergo, it only makes sense to cover your roof with tar if you are having a bit of trouble with termites and carpenter ants. This is especially true if you have hewn wood shingles on your roof instead of traditional asphalt shingles.

The Tar Acts as a Tough Insulation

Most insulation allows for a little bit of air exchange through the insulation in the roof and walls. When you coat the roof with tar, there is nothing that allows even a drop of heat or cooled air to escape through the roof. Additionally, because of the blackness of the tar, you may find that your home is much warmer because the black roof is absorbing the radiant heat of the sun.

Hail Cannot Get Through

Hail cannot crack tar, unless the hail is the size of softballs and traveling at a hundred miles an hour. Since that size of hail is very rare, you know that the tar covering your roof will protect it from hail damage. That means you make fewer hail damage claims and your property insurance rates remain low. It also means that hail will not break through the roof and surprise you with holes in the ceiling.

You Can Install Anti-Bird Protection

If you do not want birds landing on the roof and making a mess, covering it with tar is a good idea. You would need the hot tar to install "anti-bird" protection in the form of metal spikes. The balls of spikes are stuck into the fresh tar, and when the tar cools, the spikes remain. Birds do not.

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