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Synthetic Residential Roofing Solutions To Replace Asphalt Shingles On Existing Homes

Residential roofing is often done with asphalt shingles, which are not the most durable roofing material to have installed on your roof. Today, there are many different choices of synthetic roofing materials, which not only are more durable than asphalt shingles, can also give your home an attractive custom look. Here are some of the synthetic residential roofing solutions that you will want to consider replacing your asphalt shingles:

1. Slate Roofing and Synthetic Options That Keep the Weight Down

Slate roofing is a type of volcanic rock material that has been used as a roofing material for hundreds of years. The rock materials for roofing are often too heavy for modern lightweight residential structures. This means that slate is usually not suitable for replacement of asphalt shingles. Instead of conventional slate materials, there are many synthetic options that give you the same look with materials that weigh a lot less. Not only do synthetic slate materials weight less, they are also a lot more affordable than real stone. Synthetic slate is a green roofing solution because they are made of recycled plastics and rubber.

2. The Good and The Bad About Synthetic Shake Materials That Are Available

In addition to slate, there are also shake materials that come in synthetic roofing products, which some are good and some are bad. The older synthetic shake materials have been fiber cement and other fragile materials that can easily crack and be damaged; causing leaks and serious roofing problems. If you choose to use a synthetic shake material, make sure that it is a modern product and made of durable rubber and plastic synthetics, rather than rigid materials that easily break.

3. Tile Options for Replacing Asphalt Shingles and Keeping Roof Loads Down

Tile is another option that you will want to consider for synthetic materials is tile. Real concrete and clay tiles are extremely heavy, and like stone, lightweight structures will not support the extra weight. Instead of real tiles, there are many options for the look of tile that include:

  • Plastic and rubber composites
  • PVC panels
  • Stamped metal shingles and panels

Before there were asphalt shingles, stamped metal shingles were a common choice of roofing on new homes. Today, in addition to metal, there are also PVC panels, which are an affordable alternative to metal but not as durable.

These are some of the options that you will want to consider replacing asphalt shingles with synthetic residential roofing materials. Contact a handyman service to help with replacing your asphalt shingles with some of these options for synthetic materials.