Getting Your Home Repaired

Four Things To Do Before Getting The Roof Replaced

If you are in the mindset that you need your roof replaced, you might start to feel overwhelmed. After all, this is a large project to take on requiring the financial capability, as well as the ability to possible have to live outside of your home for at least a few days. Since this is such a big task, here are four things you want to do first:

  1. Get an Inspection: It should be the professional roofers who are telling you to replace the roof. Otherwise, without this confirmation, it is possible that you won't actually need to replace the roof. Instead, the professionals might be able to do one repairs that can extend the life of your roof enough so that you don't have to worry about replacement for at least a few years. 
  2. Talk to Your Insurance: If you do have to have the roof replaced, be sure that you talk with your homeowners insurance company. If you have been regularly maintaining your roof, your insurance company will likely pay for some of the cost of replacement if replacement is what's seriously needed. Just be sure that you always thoroughly document maintenance that you have had over the years. 
  3. Research the Roofing Options: First and foremost, if you live in an HOA, you want to determine what your roofing options are like. Some HOAs will require that you have a specific material with a specific color. However, if you don't have any restrictions, you might want to look into all options keeping in mind that basic asphalt shingles are typically the most affordable option. 
  4. Think About Your Schedule: Next you want to think about what your schedule is like before you set up a time for the roof replacement to take place. You most likely will be able to stay in your home, although it will be loud starting at early hours in the morning. This might be a problem if you schedule when you are returning from a long vacation and want to rest or you will have a newborn in the house. It's better to schedule for replacement if you need it before baby arrives. 

When you do these four things before getting the roof replaced, you can be sure that it's something you get done right so that you end up with a roof you are happy with while also saving money and taking advantage of certain services through your insurance company.