Getting Your Home Repaired

A Guide To Storm Damaged Roofs

If you have water leaking into your home through the roof, this could be a sign of storm damage. The difficulty of fixing a storm damage to your roof depends on a number of factors. This article is a basic guideline to storm damage on your roof. It should help you figure out how to find the problem and determine whether or not you can fix it yourself. In most cases you will need to have professional storm damage roof repair performed, but this article suggest a few ways that you can save some money on the project.

Inspecting the Damage

If you can visibly see the damaged area of your roof from the ground, then you don't have that much work to do when it comes to finding the problem area. That being said, you should still probably get up on a ladder and take a close look at the damaged area to see how severe it is. Of course, you need to be careful when walking on any roof, especially if it is wood and there is moisture damage, rotting, or deterioration to the roof deck underneath the tiles or shingles. Because of this, some people don't want to risk it all, and they just immediately call in a professional.

If you have hard tile, ceramic, or clay roofs, you might want to stay off your roof completely. These materials, depending on their size and shape, can be fragile and easily broken when walked on. In many cases it is simply better to just stay off your roof completely, especially if it has a steep pitch.

Making Your Own Repairs

If you have wood shingles or asphalt roofing tiles, these are materials that you can easily remove yourself so you can get a closer look at the extent of damage to the deck. Water damaged asphalt tiles will usually peel away by hand. You might need to use a scraper, like a putty knife or chisel, to remove some of the adhesive. Similarly, water damaged wood shingles might pry away very easily, but you might need a hammer to remove the nails. Any sort of water damage in your the actual deck of your roof should be professionally repaired. If you just like looks like there is small gap between two pieces of decking where water is seeping through, this can be taped and covered to prevent any further leaking.

As you can see, every roof is different, so you need to use your discretion and call professionals in when in doubt.