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Roofing In The Wind: Three Ways To Protect Your Roof When Heavy Winds Are Blowing In

Heavy winds can mean a lot of changes for your home's environment. If there is a storm front moving through your town and you have a lot of heavy winds coming in the next few days, now is the time that you need to prepare. Preparing for the wind means that you need to make sure that any loose items will be brought inside or placed in a shed where they will not fly in the air. All vehicles will need to be brought to the garage or parked in a stable place next to the curb where they will be safe. One of the many parts of your home that you should think about when heavy winds are due is the roof. If you have a shingle roof, here are three things that you can do to protect it during heavy winds. 

Get an inspection

Before the heavy winds blow through, you will need to get an inspection performed by a roof repair expert. Only an expert will be able to determine what is wrong with the shingles and why the shingles are missing. This will let you know the remedy necessary to solve the issue. The reason that you want to work quickly on getting an inspection and a repair estimate is because you should order the replacement parts immediately. Inclement weather can hold up mail and shipments which will leave your roof vulnerable when the weather is at its worse. 

Place a tarp over any loose pieces

If you have loose pieces of shingle on your roof and you are expecting winds to happen suddenly, one of the best things that you can do is get a tarp placed over the roof. The tarp can be hammered down to the entire roof or specific areas of the roof that have loose or missing shingles. Be sure that the tarp is attached to the roof and the side structure of the home appropriately, so that it will not be blown away by the heavy winds. If you are not sure of how much of the roof has shingle damage, you should go with a full roof tarp. 

Keep a watch

One of the small ways that you can watch for changes in your roof during heavy winds is to take a photo of the roof daily. The pictures will be able to tell you if the shingle issue is getting worse or if the roof is holding up well day by day. Each morning stand as far back as possible and get a photo of the entire roof. Take a picture of the back and front if necessary. If things get worse, call a roofing company Darnell Construction like to make a new roof protection plan.