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Why Asphalt Tiles Are Great For Residential Roofs

If you have an old roof that needs a facelift, it might be time to replace it completely. Roof replacement can be costly and inconvenient, but it is a very smart longterm investment. And, the roof is going to have a major influence on the way that your home looks. The roof is often the most defining factor of your home style. Additionally, a new roof material can improve the insulation energy efficiency of your property. This article focuses on asphalt tiles and explains why they are so commonly used in all sorts of roofing construction.

Asphalt Tiles are Cheap

Asphalt roofing tiles are common in both residential and commercial construction. If you look around, you will probably see asphalt tiles on the majority of buildings. The main reason that builders use asphalt tiles is their affordability and easy installation. Since the individual tiles are so lightweight, and thinner than actual stone tiles, they are very easy to handle and cheap to transport. These are savings that are ultimately passed on to the homeowner when it comes to the installation cost, and the cost of the actual product.

Asphalt Tiles Look Great

Just because asphalt tiles are cheap, this does not mean that they aren't also stylish. In fact, you can find asphalt tiles in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The size of the tile can have a huge impact on the overall texture of your roof. Additionally, many products are sold in multicolored packs. This means that they come in a range of colors, so when they are all installed on the roof, they create a natural looking pattern. When you look at asphalt tiles up close, they kind of look like sandpaper. But, when they are installed on your roof, they can look quite warm and stylish. Asphalt tiles can fit in with just about any home decor.

Asphalt Tiles Are Easy to Repair and Replace

Another major perk of asphalt tiles is that they are so easy to repair. If you're a homeowner with an asphalt tile roof, and you have a few replacement tiles on hand, you can quickly and easily change them out when necessary. That being said, it is very unlikely that you will ever need to replace or change any of your tiles, but is good to have them on hand in case of an emergency.

Asphalt tile roofs can last over 50 years. It is easy to understand why they continue to be such a popular roofing material all over the world. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.