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How Your Roof Can Benefit From Spray Foam

Spray foam roofing is obviously not a solution that is suitable for every type of roof. In fact, it is usually only used on flat roofs on large commercial buildings. It is also commonly used on large apartment buildings and any other building that has a large, flat roof that is mostly not visible from the ground. But, this is not because spray foam is ugly or unattractive, it mainly has to do with the fact that spray foam can be applied very quickly and effectively to large surfaces. Spray foam is also an extremely durable and practical roof surface. It can be safely walked on, and it seals you roof substrate to create a waterproof surface. Also, spray foam is easy to paint. Basically, there are many benefits to having spray foam roof.

Fighting Against the Sun's Rays

One of the main reasons to have spray foam applied to a flat roof is to fight against heat transfer from the sun. With the sun beating down relentlessly on a flat roof, building owners in hot, sunny climates often struggle to keep the inside of their building cool. They end up being reliant on HVAC systems that cost an arm and a leg to run. Spray foam roofs are particularly effective in sunny climates. The foam is several inches thick, which creates a virtual jacket over your roof. It reflects light and heat rather than absorbing it.

Also, most spray foam coatings are finished off with a white silicon top coat which also doesn't absorb much sunlight. Pretty much any large building with a concrete roof can benefit greatly if it has a spray foam coating on top of it.

Repairing Your Roof Substrate

Another great thing about the spray foam roof is that the foam will actually repair a lot of the holes and blemishes on your existing roof's deck. For instance, if you have the concrete roof with small cracks or holes in it, the foam will fill these damaged areas, making them waterproof once again.

When you break down the cost per square feet, spray foam can be relatively affordable. Of course, you can save hundreds of dollars every summer by having such dramatically improved solar efficiency on your building. It is easy to see why so many buildings are coated with spray foam. It can be added to both old and new roofs with relative ease. For more information, contact a company like Durafoam Roofing LLC.