Getting Your Home Repaired

Focus On Your Roof To Save On Your Energy Cost

The amount of money you spend on your energy cost each year is directly related to the condition of your roof. If you have neglected your roof and you've noticed an increase in your utility cost — there is a reason why. You can save money and protect your home when you make roof repairs a priority. If you're not convinced, learn just how a roof in poor condition affects your energy cost.

Poor Insulation

Insulation is an incredibly powerful material when it is first installed. However, over time, it loses some of its effectiveness. After a while, insulation is nothing more than filling because it's no longer doing a good job at minimizing heat transfer in and out of your home. 

Poor insulation means a cooler home during the winter and a hotter house during the summer. The temperature imbalance created ultimately requires you to rely on your heating and cooling systems more, which directly drives up your energy consumption and cost. 

If you have not updated your roof since you've lived in your home, there is a possibility that your insulation is no longer offering you any benefit. Even if your roof is not very old, but you have shingle damage that has led to a water leak, there is also a good chance the insulation is in poor condition. 


Many people don't understand the importance that color has on the efficiency of a roof. In fact, the color of the shingles on a roof directly impacts the indoor temperature of your home, which can also regulate your energy costs. For example, lighter colored roof shingles are often thought to be cool roofs since darker colored shingles, like deep brown or block can actually attract heat. 

When a structure attracts heat during the summer, the building owner will experience higher bills because their cooling system will have to work harder to cool the home. However, even if you have a cool colored shingle, if the roof is in poor condition, the roof will do little to keep your home cooler. 

For example, if the roof is covered with algae or moss, your light-colored shingles will basically have the same effect as a dark-colored shingle. If your roof is older, you need to take steps to have the shingles replaced.

Your path to savings includes even more than what is listed above. Speak with local roofing services to learn about all the different ways that you can save money.