Getting Your Home Repaired

What Determines Roof Repair Or Replacement?

If you have a commercial roof with problems, such as damaged roofing material or an obvious leak, you may be wondering if it's time for roof repair or replacement. The following factors play a big role in your final decision.

The Inspection

The first thing you should do is have the roof inspected by a local roofing contractor. They will let you know what damage you are actually dealing with, since it may not be obvious to you from just looking at the roof. For instance, there may be mold or rot forming underneath the roofing material where water was leaking in which will require removing the roofing material to get to the underlying structure.

The State of the Old Material

If the existing roofing material is so bad that it needs to be removed, you will have no choice but to install a new roof. However, it's also possible to keep your old roofing material and still get a new roof. You will be presented with the option of tearing off the old roof and starting from scratch, or laying the new roofing material on top of the old material. The latter option will be cheaper overall, but the former will provide a cleaner installation.

The Age of the Roof

If your roof is relatively new, it will be recommended to make the necessary repairs since there are plenty of shingles that have a long life ahead of them. Your roofing contractor can let you know the typical lifespan of the material that you have, and determine if it is approaching the end of its natural lifespan. If so, then it makes little sense to repair the roofing material and put more money into it.

When You Plan To Sell

Think about how long you plan on owning the property, since selling it soon can influence the decision to repair or replace. If it's a building that you do not plan on leaving any time soon, replacement can be a good option since you'll have fewer problems in the future. However, if the intention is to sell, you may want to do the repair and let the next owner deal with how to handle the roof.

If you're not sure what decision to make, speak to a commercial roofing service that does repairs and replacements. They can give you an unbiased opinion about what to do, since they can perform either service for you.