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3 Things to Know About Your Roof and Hailstorms

When a hailstorm comes through your area, you need to make sure that you take the time to make sure your roof is okay. Hail can be extremely damaging to many different structures, including your roof. Don't assume the hail is not that strong because it didn't seem that big. After a hailstorm, it is always smart to have your roof inspected for damage.

1. Hail Damage Is Not Obvious

The tricky thing about hail is the damage is not that obvious. It's not like a windstorm that may tear shingles directly off of your roof. With a hailstorm, the damage is just as serious but not as obvious with many different roof types.

With a hailstorm, large hard balls of ice hit your roof with a great degree of force. The force of these balls can be extremely strong and damaging to your roof. The hail can leave behind dents or bruises on your roof that can extend beyond the outermost layer of your roof. If the dents go deep enough, they can be really damaging to your roof.

2. Hail Damage Leads to Water Damage

Hail damage is serious because it can lead to water damage. When hail hits your roof, it bruises your shingles. These bruises, as stated above, don't just damage the surface of your shingles. Hail can damage multiple layers of your roof.

Once your shingles and roof layers are compromised, it is easy for water to get under your shingles. When your shingles are damaged by hail, the chance of a water leak happening if those damaged shingles are not replaced increases significantly.

3. Hail Damage Can Harm Your Gutters

Pay attention to the state of your gutters as well. If the hail was strong enough, it may have also dented and damaged your gutters. Check to see if there are any dents in your gutters. Make sure your gutters are still properly attached to your home. Your gutters may need to be repaired or replaced if they were banged up by the hail. Dents in your gutters will prevent water from flowing properly.

Hail damage is not always that easy to spot but can be really serious. Hail can leave behind dents on your roof, which can lead to water damage. Hail can damage your gutters, leaving behind dents that prevent water from flowing properly. If your home was hit by a serious hailstorm, get a professional hail roof repair service to come to inspect the damage so you can fix and protect your roof.