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Roofing Design Tips For Modern Homes

Roofs serve a practical and aesthetic function in most houses, which makes it crucial to choose the right roof at the design stage. Apart from the normal consideration of roof material, you also have to think about the design of the roof.

Modern roof designs are quite different from the designs that have been used previously. With new materials and new construction techniques allowing bolder designs than before, you can turn your roof into a major statement piece.

Drainage is Still Vital

Whether you're building a modern house or something more traditional, one factor that will never change is the need for adequate drainage. Poor drainage will spell doom for any kind of roof under the right conditions.

Even as you try out new and more daring modern designs, remember that your roof still needs to drain. Be careful when adding any features that could interfere with the ease of drainage.

Explore the Full Potential of New Materials

If you're going out of your way to use a new, modern material on your roof, don't limit yourself to the obvious. One of the most important things about modern roofing is that they have features that enable more ambitious designs for something a lot more unique. Find out what you can achieve with any given material before you settle on a particular design.

Keep Ventilation and Insulation in Mind

When any part of the house is being designed, energy efficiency should never be disregarded. Ventilation and insulation play an important role when it comes to energy efficiency, and so does the roof. Design a roof that will facilitate the ventilation of the house in the summer. The roof should also have features that will help to insulate the building in both summer and winter.

Create More Room Inside

Space is always a valuable commodity in any modern house. When ground space is limited, having as much room as possible in the house is important. There are roof designs that enable you to have more room inside your home e.g. curved rooms.

Keep Maintenance in Mind

A roof that is easy to maintain will spare you from a world of hurt. Many homeowners choose roof designs without considering how much maintenance they'll require. If your roof is in need of regular maintenance, you may have to spend a fortune each year to keep your roof in good shape. These costs can quickly mount up.


If you're looking for extra help with choosing a design for your roof, call a professional residential roof installation team today.