Getting Your Home Repaired

How To Fix A Leak In Your Flat Roof By Painting It

Have a flat roof with a leak somewhere on the surface? You'll likely want to have this repaired as soon as possible to prevent water from getting into your home. Here is a great way to fix that leaks by painting over it.

Gather The Tools and Materials

You'll need a can of bitumen primer and a roof sealant, as well as a 9" paint roller from your local home improvement store. Make sure that the paint roller has an extension handle attachment to make the job easier. To make the repair, you'll need a roll of fiberglass scrim.

Clean The Roof

The first step is going to be to clean the roof's surface so that it is dry and clear of any debris. Start by scraping off any moss that is growing on the top layer of the roof until it is all loose. You can then use a stiff bristle brush to sweep off any remaining debris on the surface.

Apply The Primer

Applying the primer is easy, and there is no need to use a paint tray. Just pour some directly onto the roof's surface and spread it around with the paint roller. Make sure to get around the outside edges of the roof when doing so, and completely cover the roof's surface using as little primer as you can. If you use too much primer, it will take longer to dry and waste the primer. Less is more in this situation. Check the instructions for how long the primer needs to dry before you continue.

Prep The Scrim

Roll the fiber scrim about halfway across the roof and hold it in place with something heavy so that it doesn't roll away. You will be applying sealant above and below the scrim material, and this makes it easier.

Apply the Sealant

Always stir roof sealant before applying it to your roof, making sure to mix up those solids that have fallen to the bottom. Apply the first layer of roof sealant to the surface without the scrim, then roll the scrim over the surface you just sealed. Then roll the scrim upward and cover it with a layer of sealant. Do the same with the other half of the roof, with the scrim layer sandwiched between two layers of sealant.

This should be enough to seal any potential roof leaks in the surface. For help taking on this task, contact a professional roofer in your area.