What Determines Roof Repair Or Replacement?

If you have a commercial roof with problems, such as damaged roofing material or an obvious leak, you may be wondering if it's time for roof repair or replacement. The following factors play a big role in your final decision. The Inspection The first thing you should do is have the roof inspected by a local roofing contractor. They will let you know what damage you are actually dealing with, since it may not be obvious to you from just looking at the roof. [Read More]

Focus On Your Roof To Save On Your Energy Cost

The amount of money you spend on your energy cost each year is directly related to the condition of your roof. If you have neglected your roof and you've noticed an increase in your utility cost — there is a reason why. You can save money and protect your home when you make roof repairs a priority. If you're not convinced, learn just how a roof in poor condition affects your energy cost. [Read More]

Just Moved To Tornado Alley? How To Inspect Your Home After A Storm

If you've recently moved to tornado alley, it's time to prepare for storm season. Tornadoes are already touching down in areas of the Midwest, especially around Iowa. If you're in that area, you'll need to know what to do after the storms pass. When a storm is coming through, the most important thing you can do is take cover and wait for it to pass. Once you've been given the all-clear, you'll need to start assessing the damage. [Read More]

4 Benefits Of Installing A Cedar Roof

One of the things you may need to do is to put a new roof on your home. This can be a massive undertaking and it's necessary to do the proper amount of research in advance. For instance, what is the best type of roofing material for you to use is a common question. It's a great idea to consider cedar wood for your next roof, and knowing some of the advantages of doing so may be helpful. [Read More]