The Best Ways To Deal With Roof Mold And Algae

You may begin to notice discoloration on your roof shingles. Discoloration is often a sign that mold, algae or moss has begun growing on your roof. While harmless, these streaks can make your roof look terrible and will come back even if you wash it off. You will need to do something more to eliminate the discoloration. Install Darker Shingles If your shingles are somewhat old, you could replace them with new shingles that are dark and will hide the mold as a result. [Read More]

How To Save On Your Energy Bill When Replacing Your Roof

Your roof can allow much of the heat in your home to escape during the heating season, and absorb heat when it's time to turn on the air conditioning. Both of these events can place a strain on your heating and cooling systems as well as your energy bills. When it's time to replace your existing roof, you can recoup some of the installation costs, make your home more comfortable, and help to protect the environment by investing in some additional roof replacement services. [Read More]

3 Roofing Repair And Maintenance Tips To Prevent Water Damage After The Storm

When your home has been hit by a major storm, there may be some problems that you need to deal with. Sometimes, the only damage is small and on your roof. If you neglect the repairs to your roof, this can lead to more water damage and costly repairs. Here are a roof repair tips to help with damage control for your home after the storm: 1. Regular Inspections to Identify Roof Damage and Repair Needs [Read More]

The 4 Basic Steps For Taking Care Of Your Tile Roof

If you have a home with a tile roof, you want to make sure that you take great care of your roof. The four basics of taking care of your tile roof include annual inspection, cleaning, debris removal, and repair. #1 Annual Inspection The first thing that you need to do with a tile roof is pay for a professional inspection at least once a year. A professional inspector will be able to identify chips and cracks in your tile. [Read More]